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About Us

Fitness has always been more than a passion for us- It’s an obsession! We always strive to offer the best to our clients for revolutionizing the fitness industry with the latest equipment and superior quality!

Our Bio-Promise Shield ensures successful setup of the gym and timely delivery of gym equipment.


We take into consideration the requirement of the clients and consult them in accordance to their budget and needs.


Safe and Timely Service
We understand the urgency of the clients and always look forward to provide safe, timely, and output-oriented service to our clients.


Quick Redressal
Customer is king for us! Our super-trusted team always tries to resolve the complaints and adds an extra layer of convenience with smooth after-sales services.



Our trainers embrace your fitness goals with high vigor and determination. We understand that shedding fat or gaining muscular strength can be challenging but we help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. We analyze your body type, body mass index, and metabolism to create custom fitness plans just for you.

With years of success and experience, we minutely analyze your body and prepare a fitness plan which will work wonders for you! Likewise, we will assist you in choosing the best equipment and assure you that you are on track and motivated to reach your goals.

Biomech Gym and Sports Equipment have been serving for more than half a decade. We are part of the fitness revolution. Unlike the old technique of having a salesman in every region pushing our products, we rely on word of mouth because personal experience is better than a sales pitch!

We are open to constructive feedback from our customers. Your feedback as a customer is a teaching for us! BIOMECH would not progress in absence of your valuable feedback. Lastly, be rest assured of the quality. A range of our products have lifetime guarantee and are Made in India! We invite you to try our equipment and see the quality for yourself!

Over half a decade of extensive research and work have made us India’s fastest-growing gym equipment manufacturer of Strength Training Equipment, approved by hundreds of Gyms and Health Clubs in India.

We design 2D and 3D versions of our products with the help of human ergonomics and biomechanics. Each product undergoes thorough analysis to ensure superior quality. We also conduct stress and strength analysis to test product sustainability. In the next phase, the product is transferred to the research and development wing before manufacturing. We ensure that our product promotes optimum exercise effectiveness and prevents muscle injury.

Our products are manufactured using the latest technology like CNC, VNC, laser cutting machine, bending machine, etc.

We not only sell products, but we also take care of AMC and on-call help to make sure our customers get assistance within 24 working hours. We believe in organic publicity, product reliability, and effective after-sales services.




Gym Design

We are experts in designing a gym according to the requirements of the client. We are committed to provide exceptional services at affordable prices.